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Not all employers can offer on-site childcare, but there are many options for businesses to support their employees’ work-life balance. This project assists businesses in designing a meaningful benefits package and creating a culture that embraces and supports working parents. The days of “work comes first” and “family comes second” are gone. The workforce of today seeks a sustainable work-life balance that prioritizes family-friendly employers.

Learn more by visiting The Children’s Cabinet’s Employer Childcare Development page.

Want to get started right away? Take this self-assessment to see how your business is doing in supporting working parents.

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45F: The Employer-Provided Child Care Credit

The Employer-Provided Child Care Credit is a federal program designed to encourage businesses to invest in child care for their employees.

Employers are  eligible for a nonrefundable tax credit up to 25% of qualified child care expenditures and 10% of qualified child care  resource and referral expenditures. The credit is capped at $150,000, meaning employers must spend $600,000 on child care expenditures to receive the full credit.


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